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Recycling Scrap Forklift Batteries

Recycling Scrap Forklift Batteries

Where should you recycle your scrap industrial batteries?

Forklift truck batteries must be properly recycled with proper documentation proving proper disposal of spent batteries. 

Do you know the importance of the disposal and documentation of your spent forklift batteries? It is important that your scrap batteries are going to the proper recycler. In today’s world, you don’t send or sell your scrap batteries to just anyone!

We buy used, depleted steel case forklift truck batteries (and good used ones). New England Battery provides documentation proving the path to recycling which can satisfy inquiries made to your company regarding your method of disposing of spent batteries. Your company will need this documentation when inspectors ask for it.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and State Laws require documentation to prove that your spent forklift batteries have been properly recycled.


For more information visit the EPA web site


When is a forklift battery scrap?

Can your industrial battery be serviced, or is it time to recycle?

New England Battery can help you determine if your forklift truck battery can be serviced to get more life out of it. If your industrial battery is spent, New England Battery can recycle it properly and make sure you have the proper legally required documentation.

When a battery has worked for 5+ years in an industrial application the lead on the positive plates has been spent and it can’t be recovered.

When the majority of lead is gone,…’s gone! A battery's life is governed by cycles (1 discharge + 1 recharge = 1 cycle) When they’re gone, no amount of fresh electrolyte (acid) will bring back battery capacity.

When an internet web site tells you they can rejuvenate your old spent forklift battery, take it from an experienced local battery company …’s not possible. Don’t believe them! You are better off doing business with a local battery house, not someone hundreds of miles away. Accountability with documentation from a local battery distributor in New England is smarter and safer than a faraway internet deal.

……..However This is not to say that every battery that “doesn’t run a full shift,” is not serviceable. It takes a series of procedures to test the capacity, acid balance and equalize the cells to be sure that the battery has enough power to perform at a useable level. The rest of the process consists of removing the surface corrosion, inspecting cables and refinishing the tray with an acid resistant paint.

New England Battery provides industrial battery recycling, battery service, and forklift battery sales for the New England region. Our service area includes Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, or New Hampshire. 

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