New England Battery, Inc.
Industrial Battery and Charger Systems

New England Battery

Industrial Battery Service, Sales, and Recycling

What can you get from NEB?


  • Forklift Batteries & Chargers
  • Battery charging racks & stations
  • Battery handling equipment, gantry cranes, etc.
  • Watering Systems (several types)
  • Low water indicator lights (sold & installed)
  • Battery related products - cleaners, tools, etc.
  • Emergency response spill containment kits
  • Connectors, cables, vent caps, etc.


  • Battery & Charger Surveys
  • In house repairs and service
  • Training classes for maintenance people, operators
  • Weekly, monthly, or yearly service programs
  • Cost projections for budgetary requirements
  • Guide quotes, delivery and removal services

Used/Reconditioned Batteries

If you are interested in a reconditioned please call us for the latest stock available.

Visit our service page and scrap battery recycling page to learn more!