New England Battery, Inc.
Industrial Battery and Charger Systems

Local Service

Forklift Battery Service

New England Battery's service facility will survey your used industrial battery and determine if we can recondition it to extend it's useful life.

What New England Battery will do for you when you service your industrial battery with us:


  • Survey your batteries and chargers and provide you with a written report on their existing condition.
  • We work within your budget to repair and update your existing batteries and equipment.
  • We will estimate the cost of a battery repair before any work is done. 
  • Removal and recycling of scrap industrial batteries and chargers. (Our scrap batteries go to a certified smelter)
  • When available, provide you a loaner/rental battery if yours has to come into our service center.
We provide testing and repair of your used industrial batteries. 

We offer the following on-site forklift battery repairs:

  • Replace connectors and cable
  • Cell replacement (in some cases)
  • Cleaning/Washing in our self-contained wash unit
  • Charger testing and charge rates adjustment


New England Battery provides service and repair for used industrial batteries.

Industrial Battery and Charger Surveys

Professional, though survey of each battery. Written report containing battery type and condition, along with dimensions and information to identify the battery. Surveys also include necessary repairs (if any) and an approximate cost for service or reconditioning. The cost of the survey is contingent upon the number of batteries.

Forklift Battery Charger Service

On suspect chargers, the functions can be checked to insure sufficient charge being returned to the discharged battery. Connectors checked for problems. Chargers checked for exposed wire. Application/usage/charge habits assessed. Recommendations made to help insure long battery life with full run-time while in use. Simple, inexpensive maintenance programs for your company to help extend run-time and get the full life expectancy of your batteries.