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Legacy High Performance


While other batteries claim to maintain 80% capacity over the life of the product, that's only half the story.

In the material handling industry, performance rules. When it comes to performance - the working power you need for the long haul - the Legacy Power System™ High Performance Battery is unsurpassed.

 Legacy Power Systems high performance industrial battery

If you looked inside a Legacy™ High Performance Battery and compared it to other industrial batteries, you could easily see significant differences for yourself.

The positive plate of a Legacy High Performance Battery features the industry's most conductive grid structure. That means there is less resistance to the flow of current - and more power produced within the grid. With advanced engineering technology, the positive active material is "locked" to the grid for increased performance at all levels, especially at high current discharges. With this higher capacity over the life of the plate, you'll notice more power to the load, cooler battery operation and lower maintenance costs.

The advantages of premium quality materials and engineering know-how are built into every legacy High Performance Battery to give you the most effective capacity and voltage for the long run. In fact, other batteries may cost less initially, but the Legacy can outrun them over time - to give you the best possible return on your investment.


The Legacy High Performance Battery insures high voltage through its high performance plate design, without using a "hot" corrosive concentration of acid. At the same time, it provides consistent, durable capacity through amply pasted positive plates with a cool electrolyte that is selected for long life and continued performance. The Legacy Performance Battery provides excellent conductivity, especially during peak demand.


High performance plate design

  • Long life through heavy, thick plates that resist corrosion
  • Excellent conductivity, especially during peak demand, with more lead
  • Solid, pore-free casting for extended life and durability
  • Paste-lock design assures most reliable performance

Low maintenance lead alloy

  • Reduces gassing during charge cycle
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Extends battery life
  • Five-fold plate insulation system
  • Vertical fiberglass strands; woven glass mat; compression mat; rigid, perforated PVC shell; and "s" rib separator
  • Assures dependable performance for many years under the toughest conditions

Full 5-year warranty

  • Assures battery will be free of manufacturer defects for 5 years or 1,500 cycles

Flip-top vent caps for easy watering

  • Safe, easy, convenient operation
  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate lost vent caps
  • Water level indicator (basket) for more accurate filling procedures

Quick-connect cables-standard

  • Make cable replacement as simple as turning a bolt
  • Reduce downtime
  • Environmentally friendly

Douglas ToughCoat®

  • Electrostatic, baked-on epoxy on tray withstands corrosion and the toughest working conditions
  • Reduces voltage tracking and shorts
  • Saves maintenance on lift truck roller compartments

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