New England Battery, Inc.
Industrial Battery and Charger Systems

About Us

About Us

About New England Battery

  • New England Battery opened in 2000.
  • Our service center is centrally located in Holyoke MA, and fully equipped to service all makes of batteries and chargers.
  • We have a branch office in Danvers, Massachusetts. 

New England Battery is the exclusive rep. for Battery Builders Inc. - Douglas Battery Inc. – MAC Motor Appliance Chargers – Stanbury Infinity Hi-Frequency Chargers - GECI Diamond Chargers – Quick Charge and other related product lines.


Our department managers are:

Dave Nauman
President, Sales

Paul J. Arrington
Sales Manager

Ken Foss
Service Manager

Tony Scuderi
Shop Manager

Cody Strom
Transportation / Service


We are the best Industrial Battery house in New England because we have the best, most knowledgeable and hardest working people in this industry today.

New England Battery is the territorial rep. for:

  • Battery Builders Inc.- Industrial Batteries,(forklifts)  
  • Douglas Battery –Industrial Batteries
  • MAC - Motor Appliance Chargers
  • Stanbury Chargers – Infinity Hi-Frequency
  • GECI Green Energy Concepts chargers
  • We also carry many other related product lines.

Our territory is Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.