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Legacy Power Systems  
  • Maintenance free

  • No watering or retorquing required

  • Spillproof and leakproof

  • No acid vapors or mist

  • Minimal gassing - no charging room needed

  • Allows opportunity charging

Douglas Legacy High Performance Battery Walkie Combo


The Legacy Platinum System from Douglas Battery offers the ultimate in maintenance free power. This sealed valve-regulated system is designed and manufactured to provide long life and superior performance, while reducing maintenance costs and operating hazards. Legacy Platinum's sealed construction and gas-recombinant technology exposure, and leakage associated with traditional flooded batteries. All of this combines to make Legacy Platinum the perfect match of sealed power and hassle-free operation.


  • Sealed Cell Construction Eliminates the need for watering and prevents leakage and spilling. Sealed construction also prevents users exposure to lead and electrolyte for safer operation.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology Provides more ampere hour per cube than the leading competitor in a wide range of conditions. AGM technology makes opportunity charging a practical reality.
  • Burned-On Intercell Connector Eliminates loose connections caused by vibrations. Never requires retorquing.
  • Lead/Calcium/Tin-Alloy Created for longer shelf life and longer service life, this alloy contains no carcinogenic cadmium, making the Legacy Platinum fully recyclable.
  • Unique Compression Plate - Maintains separator compression within the cell, prolonging cycle life.

Legacy Platinum Batteries are designed to provide the peak performance required by today's motive power applications.

The Legacy Platinum delivers its rated capacity and then some. Heavy-duty, robust construction, combined with a unique "C wrap" Separator system, dramatically reduces internal shorts. The Legacy Platinum continues the Douglas tradition of integrity, service and value.


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